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3,525 acres La Pryor, TX $11,950,000

3,525 acres La Pryor, TX

Zavala County Jesse Lockhart Lockhart Real Estate

Type: Acreage w/House 4 Beds | 4 Baths

This unique South Texas ranch could easily be described as one of the best recreational ranches for sale in Texas! The crystal clear Nueces River flows for three miles along the western boundary of the Myane Ranch. The rivers shallow and deep water combination offers excellent bass, catfish and perch fishing. During wet years, the river flows strong and swift with many wide, long and deep water holes - ideal for water sports such as boating, tubing, kayaking and swimming. Of the six water wells on the ranch, three are outfitted with electric submersible pumps, two are equipped with solar submersible pumps, and one well is operated by a windmill. A neighbors windmill located near the south boundary line furnishes water to a water trough on the Myane Ranch. Twelve tanks are located throughout the ranch, and furnish water for livestock and wildlife. All tanks are located in areas where there is ample drainage from rain water to fill each pond. Two ponds located near the headquarters are equipped to be filled from the Nueces River with a new electric irrigation pump. Pump flow is 400 to 500 gallons per minute. Three other tanks may be filled from nearby water wells. In 2011, the two story lodge was completely remodeled and updated, and is now designed to comfortably entertain large groups. The first level consists of two bedrooms, two bath rooms, a kitchen and a large dining and living area. The second story has a large kitchen, open living area, game room, two bedrooms and two baths. All of the appliances are new, and there are two central heating and A/C units. An alarm system was recently installed as one of the updates. The yard is enclosed by a new chain link fence. A new open area garage has been constructed to accommodate high seat hunting vehicles. A second carport has parking for two vehicles. Additional improvements include two barns, a set of working pens, a 12-ton overhead grain bin, five all-steel hunting blinds, five 2000 lb. protein feeders, and six 400 lb. timer-control game feeders. The original barn is located east of the headquarters. Its primary used is storage for feed, ranch equipment and supplies. The barn has bath. A set of all metal pens is located adjacent to the barn. The original barn is surrounded by a ten acre field. The second barn is all metal and is located south of the headquarters. A new deer processing facility is nearby with walk-in cooler. The ranch is accessible via an amazing road system consisting of miles of interior roads. The main entrance road has been upgraded with crushed limestone. The interior road system has been upgraded with caliche and inter-connects so that all areas of the ranch are accessible by 2 wheel drive vehicle. A new perimeter game fence encloses the entire ranch. A new interior game fence encloses the Triangle Pasture. (See Topo Map) This new pasture has been stocked with a select deer herd chosen for their outstanding genetics. A new 48 interior fence divides the ranch into two pastures so the land owner may rotate cattle between pastures There is an excellent mixture of high protein South Texas brush, forbes and high protein grasses throughout the ranch. Predominant brush include guajillo, black brush, white brush, persimmon, iron wood, purple sage and other high protein wooded plants that are indigenous to South Texas. Desirable grasses include Texas culp grass, plain bristle grass, K.R. bluestem, silver bluestem, drop seed and fall switch grass. Primary tree cover is Live Oak, Pecan, Hackberry and Bull Mesquite. An intensive game management program is in place. Two hundred and six large whitetail bucks and does with proven genetics have been transferred to the Triangle Pasture. Thirty big whitetail bucks were turned loose on the remainder of the ranch in 2011. A set of breeding pens are stocked with whitetail does bred to X-Factor. There is an abundant supply of wild turkey, bobwhite quail, blue quail and dove on the ranch. The ranch was stocked with Trophy European Red Stag, Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer, and Oryx in 2011. All minerals and executive rights owned will be conveyed with the sale and purchase of the ranch. The present owner believes he owns 1/6th of the minerals on one-half of the ranch and 1/8th mineral interest on the remaining half of the ranch. There is a beneficial road easement that begins at the east boundary of the ranch and intersects highway 57 about ten miles east of the ranch. This easement road comes in handy when there is a major flood on the Nueces River. Electric security gates are located at the entrance to the ranch. A new concrete river crossing has been completed across the Nueces River. The ownership of the Myane Ranch has spent hundreds of thousands dollars on ranch improvements and trophy whitetail deer, making it a truly outstanding recreational ranch.

2,124 acres Batesville, TX $8,283,600

2,124 acres Batesville, TX

Zavala County Trip duPerier Trip duPerier, The Texas Land Man LLC - The Texas Landman

Type: Acreage w/House

Turn Key Big Deer Ranch with Minerals! This property is one of the few trophy ranches left with minerals. The owner will convey half of the minerals owned, there is an active oil well, and the property is in the Eagle Ford Shale. The property is easily accessed and located off FM 187 approximately one hour from San Antonio. The ranch currently runs some livestock, has had 10 years of deer management with a MLD level 3 permit, and a quail management program. The terrain is that of native brush, pasture land, and gently rolling hills with great views of the ranch. It includes one of the highest points in Zavala County. In addition to a diverse source of protein that is found in the South Texas browse, there are multiple food plots and three irrigation pivots. The wildlife on the ranch consists of White Tail deer (where excellent genetics have been introduced under the game management program), dove, quail, turkey, some hogs and your typical southwest Texas predators. There is ample water throughout the ranch that includes a Carrizo irrigation well, 4 water wells, 10 plus miles of irrigation lines, 6 fully irrigated tanks, and multiple water troughs. The perimeter of the ranch and cross fencing is all high fenced. Other amenities that can be found on the ranch are: 3 bedroom 2 bath main house with rock fireplace, 4 bedroom 2 bath guest house, 2 barns, corrals for livestock, dog kennels, skeet range and rifle range, game cleaning station, numerous blinds and feeders. The owner does employ an on-site ranch manager. This is a ranch with tremendous diversity.

1,806.5 acres Crystal City, TX $6,503,400

1,806.5 acres Crystal City, TX

Zavala County Larry Siller Lone Star Properties

Type: Lake House 4 Beds | 2 Baths | 2200 SqFt

River Ranch is Located north of Crystal City on FM 1025, 2.2 miles east of Hwy 83 on the Nueces River. The Ranch Consists of two ranch houses, a horse barn, an airplane runway with hanger, a cleaning station with two walk-in coolers, a new 75' X 40' barn, and two 12-ton hoppers for bulk protein and corn. River Ranch was purchased in 2005 from baseball player Josh Becket. Part of the ranch was formerly called the Tree House Ranch due to the house and porch overlooking the Nueces River. Another part of the ranch was originally the Marburger Farm which continues to have water rights from the Nueces River. The ranch is unique in its combination of heavily forested bottomland, thick brush, open country, fields, and an incomparable river frontage. Bull mesquites, oaks, and hackberry trees provide cover and food for the animals. Wildlife includes whitetail deer, feral hogs, turkey, coyotes, dove and quail. The ranch has two separate game fenced pastures consisting of a north pasture of 610 acres and a south pasture of 640 acres. There are 556 acres remaining outside the game fence along approximately four miles of Nueces River. The ranch has two Carizzo Aquifer water wells that supply water to over fifteen lakes and ponds and numerous water troughs throughout the ranch. The north pasture has a four acre crystal blue lake in front of the main ranch house stocked with hybrid bass and blue gill. The vegetation on the ranch consists of a variety of high protein brush which is excellent for the production of quality animals with big horns. The types of brush include mesquite, white brush, brasil, guajillo, guayacon, granjeno, ephedra, old man's beard (#1 deer food source), and persimmon. Guayacon is an evergreen that provides needed nutrition for the deer during the winter months. The terrain is sandy soil that will grow anything if irrigated. There is very little prickly pear on the ranch and very few rocks. There are four irrigated fields ised for growing haygrazer in the summer and oats, wheat, and rye grass in the winter. All of the game fenced pastures have predator wire on the ground to prevent predators and hogs from entering the pastures. There are no hogs in the south pasture, and the few in the north are controlled by traps and hunters. DEER: After the ranch was purchased, the current owner removed all of the deer in the two game fenced pastures leaving only the best bucks in the north pasture. Over 200 deer were released during a six year period to restock the ranch through an intensive breeding program. The whitetail deer genetics come primarily from Robert Gegenheimer of Cotton Mesa Ranch; Hoof and Horns; the Refuge; the 5F Ranch; Robert Williams, and a few other ranches. Genetics of the herd come from names like Cherokee, 727, Full House, Magnum, Bullwinkle, Daggertine, Twister 307, Prickly, Loaner, Reno, Texas Drop, Doublewide, and Big Bones (an Antler King son). Big Bones was the ranchs main breeder buck and produced massive horns and numerous droptines and double droptines in the herd. In 2010, out of twenty yearling bucks in the pen, seven had droptines. There are also some northern genetics in the herd which creates big bodies and heavy horns. The south pasture also has a small herd of red deer. HUNTING: The ranch has the highest level of management permit issued by Texas Parks and Wildlife (Level 3 MLDP), and is managed by biologist Macy Ledbetter. The management philosophy on the ranch has been to shoot inferior deer at two years of age and mature deer at six years. If a deer is exceptionally good or has droptine genetics, it is not shot till seven years of age. Since most of the released deer have colored tags in their ears, it is easy to determine their age for harvest and management. There are seven breeder pens in the north pasture with a full deer handling facility and separation pens. The south pasture has five pens including one pen for releasing deer into the river pasture. MINERALS: The seller has 91% of the executive rights with complete surface control, and 7% of the mineral rights in both game fenced pastures. These will be conveyed with the property. No minerals are available on the outside (non game-fenced) 556 acres. There is one old well on the north side of the property that is still producing oil and will be conveyed with the property. The mineral income is approximately $2,000 per year. CATTLE AND GRAZING: The ranch has an abundance of improved grasses including an 80 acre hay field in the south pasture. The ranch has three sets of cattle pens throughout the ranch. All of the pastures have good water for cattle grazing.

1,176 acres Crystal City, TX $5,880,000

1,176 acres Crystal City, TX

Zavala County Stephen Long Stephen Long Properties

Type: Acreage

Highly imporved Cattle Ranch in Zavala County. Completely High-Fenced perimeter and cross-fenced into 6 pastures. Six new irrigation pivots (800 acres under pivot) Two - 200 acre pivots and Four - 100 acre pivots. New underground piping. Three highly productive irrigation wells with three new electric motors (three phase electricity) Four Stock Ponds (two can be filled by wells). Fourteen new cattle watering stations. New cattle pens (large enough to hold 1500 stockers) with Trojan hydraulic chute. Two large barns

2,495 acres Crystal City, TX $5,613,750

2,495 acres Crystal City, TX

Zavala County Buck Laning & Rick Taylor Southwest Land Associates

Type: Acreage w/House

This is a Great High-Fenced, Brush Country Ranch!!! Most of this ranch has Thick, Thick, Woolly South Texas Brush!! There is worlds of guajillo, blackbrush guayacan, granjeno, prickly pear, and mesquite on this ranch Growing in Profusion! You need to see it to fully appreciate it. Cameras cannot capture this ranch! In many areas, the brush is Super Thick. But in other areas, it is a little more open and widely scattered. There are a number of cleared areas near some of the hunting blinds. Each blind also has numerous cleared scenderos to utilize to spot and follow game. The ranch has been operated and utilized as a cattle ranch and there are a number of good five wire cross fences that separate each section (640 acres). There are two sets of cattle pens on the ranch. The ranch is watered by two Carrizo Sand water wells that are tied into a good number of water troughs scattered throughout the ranch. Additionally, there are five tanks on the ranch that provide great waterings for livestock as well as all types of game. An animal does not have to go far to get a drink of water on this ranch. This ranch has been very closely game managed by the owners for a number of years and has an outstanding deer herd on it! The game on this ranch have year round protein pellets, plots, lots of water, and lots of Great, Great Brush!! Most of the ranch has level to gently rolling terrain (610 to 650 Above Sea Level). There are some hills, ridges, and fall off on the far eastern end of the ranch with 40 50 of terrain variation....The Main Lodge is a nice, relatively new barndominium located near the Tortuga Creek County Road. This is a large metal building that contains both a living quarters and a barn and storage area. It is located next to one of the Carrizo wells on the north end of the ranch and features: Three Drive-In bays; an enclosed storage area; and a Very Nice four bedroom, two bath Hunting Lodge with a nice kitchen and a Large, Open Great Room!! This is a Great facility for entertaining a bunch of hunters or for handling family gatherings. The interior has wood paneled walls and large windows looking out of the great room over a concrete firepit and a large feeder. You can sit in the lodge and see some Very Nice Bucks!!...: This is ONE WELL WATERED RANCH !!!! The ranch is watered by 2 Carrizo Sand water wells and five good sized dirt tanks! There are eight concrete water troughs that are tied into several miles of buried pipeline that provide water for game and livestock in between the dirt tanks. There are also several smaller tanks and potholes that provide water for game and livestock. The well at the headquarters is equipped with an electric submersible pump and feeds the north end of the ranch. The second Carrizo Sand water well has a diesel generator, a larger capacity pump and is used to fill a large dirt tank (SEE PHOTOS). This is an Outstanding South Texas Ranch located in the Golden Triangle!!! The hunting and fishing are as good as it gets!! The deer herd has been closely managed for years by the owners. Some Very Good South Texas deer can be readily found on this ranch!! The ranch has very good quail habitat and when there is sufficient moisture there is a good quail population as well! The fishing in the tanks is Great!! Just throw a line into one of the larger tanks and Hang On!!! The Dove hunting is also Very, Very Good!!! . You can also hunt varmints on a year round basis. There are some Feral Hogs and javelin, but their numbers are kept down they are not allowed to heavily compete with the deer for the feed...PRICED RIGHT!!!!

1,547 acres Batesville, TX $4,099,550

1,547 acres Batesville, TX

Zavala County Robert Dullnig, Director/Broker Assoc. Kuper Ranch Sales

Type: River Property

1,547 Acres RIO LEONA RANCH - CR 117, Zavala County, Batesville, TX. Here is a rare opportunity to purchase a ranch with over 3 miles of frontage on the Leona River! The extensive river area offers a phenomenal population of whitetail deer, turkey, quail, dove and hogs. This is truly a haven for wildlife with a superb variety of high protein native brush, including blackbrush, guayacan, retama, granjeno, mesquite and others. With 3 water wells, 4 tanks, paved highway frontage and low fencing, this is a hunters dream. Improvements: Low fencing. Water: Impressive 2+ miles of frontage on the Leona River. 3 water wells and 4 tanks. Wildlife: The river attracts an abundance of native wildlife including whitetail deer, turkey, quail, dove and hogs plus others. Vegetation: A superb selection of high protein native brush includes blackbrush, guayacan, retama, granjeno, mesquite & others. Along the river are large native hardwoods and other trees. Taxes: Agricultural exemption Minerals: Surface Only Sale

1,938 acres Batesville, TX $3,827,550

1,938 acres Batesville, TX

Zavala County Johnny Cavazos The Texas Ranch Company LLC

Type: Acreage

1,138 acres Batesville, TX $3,357,100

1,138 acres Batesville, TX

Zavala County Damon Thorpe or Steve Mabery BlackBrush Properties, LLC

Type: Acreage w/House

ACRES: 1138 +/- Acres LOCATION: Zavala County DESCRIPTION: This is the ultimate all-around South Texas ranch. Intensely managed since 1997 this ranch produces some of the largest whitetails harvested in the state. With two great fishing lakes and 60 acres of food plots this ranch has all the amenities to provide for the experience of a lifetime. MINERALS: None available. Surface estate only. PRICE: $2950/acre - $3,357,100.00 WILDLIFE: Superior Whitetail genetics make this ranch a deer hunters dream. Years of hard work and patience have created a deer class that is unsurpassed anywhere. Additionally there is 300 acres of improved quail habitat and multiple dove hunting areas on the ranch. This ranch has as good of native wildlife found anywhere in South Texas! Over the past five years, the ranch has placed second overall, won the archery division and placed in several other categories in the Los Cazadores Hunting Contest. This ranch has a fantastic deer herd! WATER: One Carrizo well that supplies both stock tanks and the lodge. One domestic back-up well and two other orphaned wells plugged back to the Carrizo sand. IMPROVEMENTS: Improvements include 2100sf four bedroom house, 5500sf shop, walk-in cooler, ice maker, corn and protein bulk storage, feeders, blinds, and more. Please contact us for a complete list. REMARKS: This ranch has it ALL. Please contact us to arrange showing. Note: The information contained herein was supplied by sources believed to be accurate and BlackBrush makes no representation or guarantee as to the accuracy of this information. All terms & conditions are subject to change without notice. Property is subject to prior sale and/or removal from market without notice. All maps show approximate property lines and are for information purposes only. Exact acreage and boundary lines will be determined by a survey prior to sale. Other agents/brokers must be present at showings to participate in fees unless a referral agreement has been executed between the other agent/broker and BlackBrush Properties, LLC. All of the information contained herein may not be reproduced without written permission from BlackBrush Properties, LLC.

1,285 acres Crystal City, TX $2,955,500

1,285 acres Crystal City, TX

Zavala County Buck Laning & Rick Taylor Southwest Land Associates

Type: Acreage w/House 3 Beds | 2 Baths | 2 SqFt

The NAME says it All!!! CROOKED LAKE!! This ranch has a long, long natural lake found in the northeast end of the ranch. You get BOTH sides of a HUGE!!! LAKE!!! ON YOUR RANCH!!! It is estimated to be about 10-12 acres in size! WANT A BIG LAKE -- HERE IT IS!!! This unique ranch is located in S.W. Zavala County in the famed Golden Triangle, an area known for its outstanding white-tailed deer. This LOW FENCED property is named for the 12 acre Crooked Lake which is a natural lake, being part of Turkey creek which transverses the northeast corner of the ranch. Additionally, seasonal Comanche creek also meanders through the ranch. This ranch has OUTSTANDING BRUSH!! ON IT!!! Large mesquites as well as an outstanding variety of native brush species including granjeno, blackbrush, guajillo provide the game with outstanding feed, forage and protection... There is an abundance of native grasses which blanket the gently rolling land. A BIG part of this ranch has Bottomland habitat including huge liveoak trees, elm trees, BIG mesquites, and hackberry trees. This ranch has been under an active wildlife management program for several years and is currently under a 1-D-1 wildlife tax exemption. Wildlife on the ranch includes white-tailed deer, turkey, feral hogs, javelina, dove and quail. Crooked Lake has numerous fish species including bass and catfish, and harbors numerous duck species in the winter. Improvements are Very Nice!! and include: A 2,000 ft. sq. 3 bedroom/ 2 full bath home w/sprinkler system irrigation. There's a NICE - 3,000 SF - 50'X 60' metal barn with deer cleaning area and a walk-in cooler. There's also a 8'X8'X20' metal container for dry storage; 2 above ground fuel tanks, 2 water wells, 2 small irrigated food plots, nine hunting blinds and eleven corn feeders. South Texas ranches like this jewel are HARD TO FIND!!!!

880 acres Batesville, TX $2,860,000

880 acres Batesville, TX

Zavala County Morris Killough Texas Land & Ranch Co.

Type: Acreage

New on the market. This outstanding 900 acre Ranch is located just minutes north of the Eagle Ford with frontage on FM 187 and FM 140. The ranch/farm is approximately 20% native brush and 80%+- of the property is cultivated, game fenced on three sides and has an excellent set of working pens located in the SW corner. There are several older Carrizo wells located throughout the ranch, one on 3-phase electric. There is extensive piping throughout the property. The sellers do not warrant the condition of any of the wells. This highly productive area is extremely sought after for the shallow Carrizo water, well depths are approximately 400 ft. The ranch is currently not under a mineral lease although there is a ton of activity just south of the ranch. Wont last, call Morris 210-415-9850

880 acres Batesville, TX $2,860,000

Zavala County Chad Foster Foster Farm and Ranch

Type: Acreage


912 acres Batesville, TX $2,416,800

912 acres Batesville, TX

Zavala County Robert Dullnig, Director/Broker Assoc. Kuper Ranch Sales

Type: Acreage

912 Acres RIO LEONA RANCH - $2650/acre - SEE TOTAL RANCH: 1547 Ac. Zavala County ID#924762. (Map is last photo shown) CR 117, Zavala County, Batesville Here is a rare opportunity to purchase a ranch with frontage on the Leona River! The extensive river area offers a phenomenal population of whitetail deer, turkey, quail, dove and hogs. This is truly a haven for wildlife with a superb variety of high protein native brush, including blackbrush, guayacan, retama, granjeno, mesquite and others. With paved highway frontage and low fencing, this is a hunters dream. Great location, just 70 miles southwest of San Antonio, the ranch lies just west of the Frio/Zavala county line. Location: The entrance is off paved FM 117. Improvements: Low fencing. Water: Impressive 2+ miles of frontage on the Leona River Wildlife: The river attracts an abundance of native wildlife including whitetail deer, turkey, quail, dove and hogs plus others. Vegetation: A superb selection of high protein native brush includes blackbrush, guayacan, retama, granjeno, mesquite & others. Along the river are large native hardwoods and other trees. Taxes: Agricultural exemption Minerals: Surface Only Sale

840 acres La Pryor, TX $2,184,000

840 acres La Pryor, TX

Zavala County Jeff Copeland Mossy Oak Properties of Texas - Bandera Division

Type: Acreage w/House

Terrific 840-acre tract of hunting and recreational ranch land for sale located just a couple miles northwest of La Prior, TX in Zavala County. Property is comprised of gently rolling South Texas brush country. Dense native virgin brush affords tremendous forage and habitat for growing big whitetail deer, along with supporting good turkey, dove, quail and hog populations. 760 acres of the ranch has been high-fenced to allow better management of the native whitetail herd. There are two electric water wells on the ranch which provide water to the house, ponds and troughs scattered throughout the property. Several blinds, feeders and protein feeders will convey with the sale. There is a great road system in place providing two-wheel-drive access to all parts of the ranch. Ranch has been owned and managed by seller's family for many years. Seller does own some mineral rights. This is an opportunity to buy a well-managed South Texas hunting ranch with great access and lots of game.

749 acres Crystal City, TX $1,718,955

749 acres Crystal City, TX

Zavala County Buck Laning & Rick Taylor Southwest Land Associates

Type: Acreage w/House 4 Beds | 2 Baths

Priced at $2,295 Per Acre. This 749 acre ranch is a more or less rectangularly-shaped, low fenced South Texas Ranch that is Ready to Enjoy!!! This is a Good South Texas Ranch!!! With SouthTexas Brush on it!! The most prominent tree growth on the ranch is mesquite and huisache There is also whitebrush, blackbrush, granjeno, guayacan and desert yaupon growing on the ranch as well. There is a nice four bedroom lodge on this ranch, a large metal barn and equipment shed, 3 lakes and there are two Carrizo Sand water wells. The cabin has ceramic tile floors, a nice modern kitchen and all of the comforts of home! It is furnished and is Ready To Go!! Nearby is a large metal barn with a game cleaning area and a walk-in cooler to keep your game in. The Carrizo Sand well at the house was an old irrigation well which has large casing and is presently equipped with a domestic pump. There is a small field near the house that has an underground pipeline that can be used as an irrigated foodplot with very little effort. The pipe starts out as a 4 inch line and scales down to a 2 inch down on the southwest corner of the field. There are 5 risers in the foodplot. The northern neighbor is the 12,000 acre Holdsworth Ranch, which provides an excellent BIG neighbor to help manage the hunting with. The mesquite trees are anywhere from 8 10 12 feet high and produce copious amounts of mesquite beans when there is enough rainfall. Most parts of the ranch have an excellent stand of various types of grasses, with most of the ranch having knee deep grass creating a blanket of feed and cover. Kleberg and buffel grass are the predominant varieties of grass found on the ranch. There are a number of other grass varieties present on the ranch including: Arizona cottontop, green sprangle-top, Plains bristle grass, K-R Bluestem, side-oats grama, and Klein grass. Fall rains have really brought on a lot of grass growth. The west end of the ranch borders Tortuga Creek. Elevations range from 580 to 620 feet above sea level, there are no roughs on this ranch. The property currently has an ag exemption.

713 acres Crystal City, TX $1,700,000

713 acres Crystal City, TX

Zavala County Chad Foster Foster Farm and Ranch

Type: Acreage w/House

Size & Location: 713 acres in Zavala County, Texas on F.M. 393. General: This irrigated cattle operation has all of the workings of a fine cattle operation. It has the capacity of 11,000 head of cattle, originally operated as a feedlot and all necessary cattle pens and horse stalls are in perfect working order to facilitate it to be a feedlot once again. Improvements: The property has an extensive set of cattle pens and horse stalls that are in perfect working order. There are a multitude of work storage sheds and workshops throughout the property. Another great benefit to this property is a four bedroom home with an open floor plan and a wrap around porch. Water: The property has an allotment of 1,783 acre feet of water.There is an irrigation well that pumps at a rate of 1,100 GPM and supplies water to two pivots on the property and a domestic well that pumps at a rate of 75 GPM. The water table in the region is at about 200 ft. Multiple stock tanks are located throughout the property as well. The property has water lines running throughout supplying water to all pens and work areas on the property. Vegetation: The property has been cleared to maximize cattle capacity. Vegetation includes most native grasses. Wildlife: All native species can be found on the property. Soils: The diverse soil types on the ranch include; Pryor sandy clay loam, Montell clay, and Cotulla clay. Price: $1,700,000.00 / $2,384.30 AC Comments: This is an opportunity to buy an incredible cattle operation at a great price.
57 listings found out of 417,251
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