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A combined 13,820 acres were listed for sale in Andrews County, Texas, recently; the overall value of all Andrews County land and ranches for sale was more than $39 million. Andrews County ranks 133rd out of 254 counties in the state for the total number of acres of land currently advertised for sale. Andrews County is the 24th largest county (1,501 square miles) in Texas. Andrews County is in the West Texas region of Texas. Among cities in Andrews County with land and other rural acreage for sale, Andrews had the most land for sale. Economically speaking, Andrews County's is largely dependent on mining and mineral extraction-related businesses and services.
102LISTINGS FOR SALE #1,730 of 3,218 counties
$250,000MEDIAN LIST PRICE #938 of 3,218 counties
2 acresMEDIAN ACREAGE #1,601 of 3,218 counties
$88,614 / acreMEDIAN PRICE PER ACRE #626 of 3,218 counties

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