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The bustling county of Dallas stretches out over 909 square miles and features a population of 2.553 million people. With a nearly endless list of amenities and perks, the county has to offer. The expansive county is filled with parks, zoos, art exhibits, museums, and historical sites. Dallas County not only features quiet botanical gardens amongst the fast-paced city but also offers historical sites that will forever hold their mark in American history. For example, Dallas is not only home to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Site, but also his assassination site; a moving experience for anyone who visits. Regardless if residents prefer the modern downtown skyscrapers of Dallas or the suburbs of University Park, residents are sure to find an area that suits their needs. The value of all farms, ranches and other land for sale in Dallas County recently was over $515 million, representing a combined 46,830 acres of land for sale in Dallas County. Dallas County ranks 19th in the Lone Star State for the total number of acres of land currently advertised for sale. Dallas County is the 147th biggest county (909 square miles) in Texas. Dallas County is in the North Texas region of the state. Among cities in Dallas County with land, homesites and other rural acreage for sale, Dallas had the most land for sale.
891LISTINGS FOR SALE #186 of 3,218 counties
$325,000MEDIAN LIST PRICE #585 of 3,218 counties
2 acresMEDIAN ACREAGE #1,614 of 3,218 counties
$99,950 / acreMEDIAN PRICE PER ACRE #538 of 3,218 counties

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