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Ranches in Hamilton County, Texas

Hamilton County, Texas, is considered a non-metropolitan area located close to a large metro region. The county is the 180th largest county in the state based on population and it's the 195th largest based on size (836 square miles). The most common type of land for sale in Hamilton County is farms. Other typical property types for sale in Hamilton County include ranches, residential property, recreational property and hunting land. Recent Lands of Texas data showed 46,687 acres of land for sale in Hamilton County valued at a combined $168 million, with a median sale price of $230,000. Compared to statewide median land prices, the median price for land for sale in Hamilton County is about 4 percent cheaper than throughout the rest of the Lone Star State. The city of Hamilton in Hamilton County featured the most land listings for sale. The average price-per-acre value of land for sale in Hamilton County places the county 134th overall in the state. Hamilton County is located in Central Texas, a region comprising 30 counties. The central region of Texas covers the state's three largest cities: Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio. The limestone terrain of Texas Hill Country lies in Central Texas, as do the state's three largest rivers, the Trinity, the Brazos and the Colorado.The value and availability of land, make Hamilton County a popular destination for boomers. With its farming economy responsible for estimated annual receipts of $56 million, Hamilton County farms and ranches are mostly focused on crop production for plants like wheat, cotton and corn.