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Hartley County, Texas

Although not located adjacent to a major metro area, Hartley County, Texas, has an urban population that was estimated to be 6,193 people during the last U.S. Census survey. Hartley County is one of 26 counties located in Texas Panhandle. The Texas Panhandle gets its name for its proximity to the handle-shaped portion of its neighbor, Oklahoma. It is the state's least populated region. The most common type of land for sale in Hartley County is hunting land. Recent Lands of Texas data included 37,349 acres of land for sale in Hartley County valued at a combined $34 million, with a median sale price of $199,000. Based on data for median land prices throughout the state, land for sale in Hartley County is currently valued cheaper than in other counties. The city of Dalhart in Hartley County featured the most land listings for sale. The average price-per-acre value of land for sale in Hartley County places the county 240th overall in the state. With its farm sector generating estimated annual receipts of $1 billion, Hartley County farms and ranches are mostly focused on crop production for plants like wheat, cotton and corn.