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Jasper County, Texas

Jasper County, Texas, is considered a non-metropolitan area located in proximity to a large metro region. The county is the 86th largest county in the state based on population and it's the 92nd largest based on size (970 square miles). Jasper County is one of 38 counties located in East Texas. East Texas is also often colloquially referred to as the Piney Woods, an area characterized by dense pine forest that unurls into Arkansas and Louisiana. The most common type of land for sale in Jasper County is farms. Other common property types for sale in Jasper County include recreational property, timberland, hunting land and commercial property. Recent Lands of Texas data showed 2,537 acres of land for sale in Jasper County valued at a combined $21 million, with a median sale price of $115,450. Based on data for median land prices throughout the state, land for sale in Jasper County is currently valued cheaper than in other counties. The city of Jasper in Jasper County featured the most land listings for sale. The average price-per-acre value of land for sale in Jasper County places the county 64th overall in the state.