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Home to over half a million residents, Montgomery County spreads out over 1,077 square miles. Originally founded in 1837 and starting off with just a fraction of the population it has now, the county has grown exponentially since its establishment. Though the world has changed since 1837, much of the beautiful county has been preserved, featuring natural gems like the Woodlands and Lake Conroe, both of which provide fun swimming, boating, and fishing opportunities. Despite the large population, Montgomery County has found a way to feel intimate, giving residents a personal connection to the land. With a list of amenities that continues to grow, Montgomery has never been more inviting. A combined 20,142 acres were listed for sale in Montgomery County recently; the combined value of all Montgomery County farms, ranches and other land for sale was over $406 million. Montgomery County ranks 32nd out of 254 counties in the Lone Star State for the total acreage of land currently advertised for sale. There were four properties listed as sold in Montgomery County last month through the Lands of America Comparable Sales Program. This represented a total value of $2,124,873. Montgomery County is the 63rd biggest county (1,077 square miles) in Texas. Montgomery County is in the Upper Texas Coast region of Texas. Of all locations in Montgomery County with land, homesites and other rural acreage for sale, Montgomery had the most land for sale. The value and availability of land, make Montgomery County a popular destination for older snowbirds.
437LISTINGS FOR SALE #603 of 3,218 counties
$420,000MEDIAN LIST PRICE #349 of 3,218 counties
2 acresMEDIAN ACREAGE #1,614 of 3,218 counties
$149,875 / acreMEDIAN PRICE PER ACRE #308 of 3,218 counties

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